1.Best-Accounting Software get free demo, Guidance and installation.

 Customized as per Your Needs

Our software will be customized as per your needs and demands. At vthink solution you will get the final product which suits your business the best.Constant guidance and support are provided at every level to make sure that you get most out of our product.

Customized Invoices

Now you can customize your invoices with your logo and taglines with this software. It makes your business look professional and leaves a perfect impression on your clients.

Import/Export  from Excel  Easily

You can now import/Export your data from excel  very easily and add them to your accounting database. Our software has a very simple import system which makes the transfer easy.

Multi-user Access Controlled by an Admin

Our software can be accessed by many users at the same time; their activities can be tracked by an admin all the time. This makes it easier as many people can work on it while being supervised.

Connected to your Phone

It allows you to view reports on your phone. This makes it very accessible and easy to use. Now you don’t have to worry to get to your office to check the reports.

Secure Backup Online

Problems may occur anytime and we should be prepared all the time. Our software allows you to backup all the data very securely online for emergency times. It makes sure that the data is encrypted and stores it online securely.

Day End Report

The software gives you a daily report at the end of the day through SMS and email. This makes it very easy for you to keep a check on your accounts in just a glance.

2. These are the key benefits of accounting software:

1. Simplification. Accounting systems put finance control in the hands of a non-accounting audience, as they are designed to give numbers a meaning, and to perform automated calculations. With little to no training at all, the business owner can complete all accounting operations and comply with legal standards from his own computer (mobile device), and without paying an external party to keep his budget in the loop.

2. Cost savings. Accounting and finances systems automate core calculations and administrative procedures, and take control of your revenue framework so that you won’t have to outsource finance management to an external expert. In parallel, they also reduce costs related to printing and distributing documentation, and store sensitive data in secure and monitored locations.

3. Full financial transparency. From an accountant’s or an auditor’s point of view, the highlight of good accountancy systems is that they avoid costly and recurring human errors. In the business scenario, calculating inaccurate totals or failing to report data in time can lead to a crisis, and that’s where automating calculations is most useful.

4. Accurate forecasting. It’s one of the main advantages of accounting software. Understanding in detail the patterns and trends of your financial performance is something that would take ages to complete without a solid system. Accounting software gives numbers a meaning, helping you understand where to cut expenses or where to invest more. With a clear overview of your current financial state, you will find it easier to
develop smart strategies and allocate resources the right way.

5. Productivity. Should a business owner have to choose a single suite of digitized services to improve performance, his first option should definitely be accounting software. These systems drill deep inside the most cumbersome, day-to-day tasks of companies, collect, organize, and analyze their most sensitive data, and what is most important, make smarter use of their money.

6. Tax compliance. Many of today’s top accounting systems are dedicated to payroll assistance and reporting, and adhere to tax regulations automatically. Once you’ve activated them, they become your number one source of tax and audit information; they store all the important details for you to maintain a transparent workflow.

7. Improved relationships with customers. One could argue that accounting software has little to do with how customers are served, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Most accounting systems nowadays (regardless of their main functions) work around effective billing and
invoicing, and prevent all sorts of delays and miscommunication. They are also easy to personalize on the business’s behalf, and thus, make company performance appear more professional and credible.
8. Security. Financial data is the company’s most valuable information and must be prevented from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost by mistake. That’s exactly what accounting & finance systems do for their users, prevent accounting from being jeopardized in any way, and keeping
an extra copy in case you need to retrieve them. In most cases, you will get to build your internal security structure, and decide who will have access to sensitive data.

9. All feature Contains in one package  profitlaxmi.


Which is the Best GST Accounting Software in Surat?

A GST software is a computer/web application that allows you to file your GST returns and perform other GST related tasks easily and quickly. There are so many GST application tools out there that it can get quite difficult to choose the right one.

The best GST software is the one that perfectly fits the needs and requirements of your particular business. Here, we will discuss the things to look for when choosing right GST software tool for your business.


#1 Budget/Price

Budget is an important factor to look for when buying a right GST software. How much money you are going to spend on the software depends on how much you are going to use it.

Many GST app providers offer multiple price options to fit the needs of different types of businesses. So, consider your budget and eliminate the options that do not fit your desired price structure.

#2 Accessibility

This one also depends on your personal requirements. Depending on whether you’d like to use the software online or on your personal desktop/laptop or even on the mobile, you need to choose and buy a GST software accordingly.

Only a few GST applications from the ones available in the market are compatible with all platforms and devices. One example is the Profitlaxmi GST software.

#3 Business Compatibility

Most business use a GST software application for performing tasks like GST returns filing, creating GST invoices and bills, registering for GST, etc. If you have any specific business requirements, you should choose a software accordingly. For example, if you are looking for a software program to file GST returns for multiple employees or clients, you should choose the one that offers

For example, if you are looking for the best GST software program to file returns for multiple employees or clients, you should choose the one that offers multi-user facility.

#4 Security

A GST software will have access to your important tax data and information like your business accounts, records, money transactions, and even your bank account details, so it is important to make sure that the tool has proper security mechanisms against hacking, viruses and data loss. A good GST application will implement proper encryption, passwords and other security measures to protect the user data.

#5 Complexity

GST is already a complex enough tax system; you should avoid buying a GST software that further complicates the return filing and other GST processes. Make sure to take a demo or use the free version of the software to get an idea of its usability and ease of use before you actually buy the full version software. The software should be easy enough to understand and use so that you can perform the basic GST tasks yourself without having to hire a professional CA or accountant for the job.

#6 Customization

Your GST software must be easy to customize according to your business needs so that you do not have to bend yourself or your business to match the needs of the software. Also, the software must be easy to operate and should not take very long to initiate the process. An easily customizable GST software will not waste much of your time and will effectively work as per your needs.

#7 Support

The GST is still in the implementation phase, and most people are not yet fully aware of the various things and terms associated with the new taxation system. Therefore, your GST software application must be backed by a strong support system where you can visit for every kind of help and support relating to the use of the GST software.

Profitlaxmi GST Software — How it can help

Profitlaxmi GST is a high-performance GST billing and e-filing software that is being used by hundreds of accountants and businesses across the country for easy taxation and return filing under GST.

Gen GST software has all the above-mentioned features and some more. It can easily adapt itself to your specific business requirements. It is also one of the most efficient and complete GST software solutions in the market. It saves your time and makes the GST return and billing process easier for your business.

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  1. All-in-one software
  2. One of the most cost-effective GST billing and returns filing software in the market.
  3. Available for Desktop & Mobile both. Supports Macs & any window os. Fully compatible with low configuration hardware. Web Version will be available in near future..
  4. Easy to customize for every business type
  5. High-level security with encrypted payments and imports-exports
  6. Very easy to use
  7. A strong support system

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